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     Karnisze mosiężneOur company has been producing brass window cornices for over ten years.
     Our products are made thoroughly of pure brass.
     We have implemented the latest technology of surface treatment in vibrating - abrasive appliances as well as systems of electrostatic protection due to the use of polyester and epoxide powders.
     We offer products that are.in several kinds of colouring including the most popular cornices that are  made to look antique (patinated).
     We are able to make cornices of any shape available (bent, half-round) according to provided drawings of or patterns.
     Proper work organization, technology and solidity of finish-off products are the basics allowing us to achieve the highest product quality and keep attractive prices at the same time.
     Our products stand out in the market due to solidity, aesthetics and unique design.
     The variety off pattern-designing of our cornices will satisfy the most sophisticated taste.


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